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"Anyone can make a beat, but it takes 3 wise guys to make OFF*BEAT " (Andrew Acuna)


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April 1, 2006

Well its been a while since we have updated this site but we are doing really good. We did go and come back from New York and Boston a couple of weeks ago. It was really awesome seeing Time Square and just being up there. We had 4 shows up there w/ ALyX! and everthing turned out great. Right now we have 2 shows lined up and then hopefully getting into the studio to start recording. Well thats it for now, BUH-Bye

March13 2006

We are finally back from the longest trip ever. We were in New York and Massachusetts all weekend long doing some amazing shows w/ ALyX!. We would like to thank all of the eaTV crew for letting us do a 5 song set which will be aired very soon. We would also like to say HI to Bri, her sister and her mom for being our very first MA. fans out there. As you can see we will be taking a break from doing some shows to do some more song writing and then hopefully get into the studio and record. So keep spreading the word about us and we will keep spreading that OFF * BEAT music. BUH-BYE




ALyX! and OFF * BEAT in Boston, MA.